My name is Bartlomiej (Bart) Masiukiewicz... I live in Scotland since 2004. Over these years of taking photos and working with a wide variety of people I have managed to develop my own style, which is characterized by very vivid colors and the use of a wide angle lens in portrait photography. 

As for the categories, because of the provocative expression of my photography this makes it difficult to define and assign them to specific categories whether it is eroticism, boudoir, alternative photography... I leave it to the recipient. Either you like something or not.


I focus on alternative style, tattoo culture, events, fashion, tattoo conventions, body suspension, music, street apparel, alternative modelling, performers and art projects but not only. I'm also photographer at Torture Garden, The Scottish Tattoo Convention and Bliss of Pain Body Suspension Crew, I regularly cover Ultra MMA / Boxing events. 


Over last few years I have photographed many people at tattoo conventions, music festivals, trips, alternative events, across many countries like Cuba, Japan, Canada, Netherlands, Belgium, Poland, Spain, Portugal, Latvia.

In the past I have worked with Perth Museum and Gallery, PKAVS, Perth and Kinross Heritage Trust, Perth Library, Tayside Contracts, The Sun, Toxico London Apparel and many more fashion and street clothing designers always delivering high quality services.

Thank You

Photo: Darja Bilyk